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Effect of technology on the manufacturing sector in general

There’s the fact that technology has had an enormous influence on society is unquestionable. It has radically changed the way corporations do business and transformed the way we live our lives. From the innovations and advancements in education and medicine all the way to travel and communication. We are now living longer because of technology. But the question is, at the current rate of advancement in machinery which keeps heightening day after day, and the incredible number of tasks they can handle today, how will this affect us and what will be its impact on our working lives?

Machines have the upper hand over humans.

In comparison to humans, machines execute tasks faster, kill human error and lower overhead costs. It is no surprise, as predictions have it, that in the coming 20 years, 47 percent of US jobs will be lost to artificial intelligence (machinery and robotics). The impact that advanced technology has on the working population is not new, but it has escalated at an alarming rate in the recent past.

In this age, technology is progressing at such a high speed that workers losing their jobs to robotics are not just those in the manufacturing field. These days even simple tasks such customer service roles are being assigned to robots. Computers of this era are being created with such high intelligence to the point that with time, they will start competing with their creator’s (human) brains. What this means is that many professions will be replaced by robotics.

To illustrate this level of intelligence, in the year 2011, IBM created a supercomputer named Watson which faced two of all time most successful chess players and won. This leaves no doubt that a machine can now think strategically and analytically. The win was impressive. It showed a machine was able to think for itself, use facial expressions and facial recognition as well as read body language.

Another example is the introduction of 3D printing. This technology enables highly customised products and parts to be printed on demand, from clothes, furniture, and auto to aeroplanes and building parts. This will result in a general interruption in all industries.

Huge technological innovation gives birth to a new era of global accomplishment, rapid change, and prosperity.
Having the required skills for the digital economy will help take productivity and competitiveness to the next level.

Technology should not be viewed from a negative point of view but one of opportunity. To start using technology to your advantage, you don’t have to be a tech nerd.

With sites such as and, businesses are now turning to the internet for virtual assistants and accountants. You don’t have to be physically present anymore. You could be working for a person or a company that a thousand miles or more from you. Or you could be working from home while relaxing with your family or maybe while travelling the world.

The wave of technology is taking over. It can either drown you, or you can take control and use it to your advantage.