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CRO 101: How to improve the conversion rate of…

We’re delighted to welcome a guest author today to discuss some simple ways that you can improve the conversion rates of your ecommerce store. Seb runs Nottingham Website Design Agency Imaginaire Digital.

It is with absolute certainty that most e-commerce store owners and managers are always worried due to the small number of customers purchasing their products compared to the number of people visiting their e-commerce stores online.

If you are among these e-commerce owners and managers, then you should put your worries aside as the following aspects will be of great help for you as they will improve the conversion rates of your e-commerce store by convincing your customers and attracting even more.

1. Eliminate Clutter from the side bars of your business e-commerce pages

The side bars on your business e-commerce pages should only have primary navigational options and filters in addition to a minimum of one promotional time and a maximum of two. Banners can also be used as promotional items.

Unnecessary clutter should be eliminated as it causes confusion to the customers and hence this might drive them away.

Improving the way products are filtered can pay dividends, as this article by Inc found.

2. Plug in a live chat tool

A live chat tool is put at the bottom right corner of your e-commerce pages together with an attractive offer. The importance of this chat tool is that it enables those visiting your e-commerce platform to quickly access answers without even without calling you.

This tool is also vital as those visiting your site can leave their comments pertaining their view about your site and the improvements that should be undertaken to better it.

Kissmetrics found that having live chat on an ecommerce website vastly improved conversion rates as it made it easy for customers to ask questions.

3. Add some short bullet points that explain your unique value proposition on your homepage just above the fold

These bullets points should also consist the benefits of why various customers should make their purchases from you. You also have to really convince consumers to shop with you and not your business rivals.

Also, to take into account that your homepage can only convince your customers for a maximum of seven seconds. This shows you that you have to make good the seven seconds by using high convincing power.

4. Mention some good risk reducers in your website header

In the current business world, consumers are always eager to find firms that offer good risk reducers which such as, free shipping, low prices, and even free returns. Making these risk reducers can highly attract more customers on your side.

5. Add a short tagline that summarises and explains your unique value proposition under your logo

A tagline of between three and five words is preferred. Putting the summary and explanations near logo allows any visitor to your website to see them clearly regardless of the page they are visiting. This is because your e-commerce logo is always present on each page.

This becomes even more advantageous if the product you are selling does not relate to your business name.

6. Add some personality to the `about us page.’

Customers always tend to make purchases from businesses that have a great personality and story. So why don`t you make your business a preferred business by putting a story on the history of its creation, photos of the products you offer and even some fun facts about the staff or even the pioneers of the business?

BigCommerce found that having a good about us page led to a much higher conversion rate.

7. Turn off your header navigation on the checkout pages

Doing this eliminates a high number of distractions thus enabling visitors to get through your checkout pages easily. This later translates to an increase in your e-commerce conversion rates.

8. Add trust logos to your website footer and checkout flow.

Adding trust logos such as the BBB logo and the Association logo to your site footer enables it to be seen in all the site`s pages. The trust logos also eliminate the fears of the customers as this implies that the site is legitimate and hence can be trusted.

9. Add words `100% safe and secure` to your shopping cart and checkout flow

Adding these words together with a secure logo on the billing page will certainly reduce the worries of the customers as this is where they make their final objections.

10. Get rid of your `Coupon Code` box on your checkout page

The existence of the Coupon Code box on your checkout page, if you do not offer Coupons always leads to a significant loss of conversion as the Coupon box, makes the visitors leave your page and they would rarely come back.

It is, therefore, advisable to illustrate ways on which the visitors can acquire the Coupons if you don’t have them.


As an e-commerce owner or manager applying each of the above aspects will ultimately make you realise a vast improvement in the conversion rates.

You can also bolster your ecommerce sales by driving more traffic to the website. Imaginaire Digital offer a range of digital marketing services to ecommerce businesses.